TLC Sessions - Living with Long Covid

TLC Sessions - Living with Long Covid

TLC Sessions

A podcast dedicated to Long Covid. Noreen Jameel and Emily Kate Stephens talk to fellow sufferers, doctors and experts searching for answers about this new, debilitating post-viral condition. So if you are one of the millions suffering from, or interested in, this new condition - tune in to our weekly podcast.

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Physiatrist Benjamin Abramoff, M.D. is the Director and Co-founder of the Post Covid Assessment and Recovery Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. An Assistant Professor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilition, Abramoff used his expertise to co-author the study, published in Cell, that found that serotonin depletion is prevalent in Long Covid patients.  

In this week’s episode, Abramoff talks us through the findings of their study, the hypothesis of what drives the depletion, the impacts that this has on the body, and preliminary ideas of what might help, both symptomatically and to address the root cause of the disease that seems to be viral persistance.

Living with Long Covid? How was your week?

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