Relaxing Nature Sounds

Relaxing Nature Sounds

Sound Escape

Having trouble sleeping? Need some calming sounds while you write? Relaxing Nature Sounds are soundscapes designed for meditation, relaxation, sleeping, and other activates where you need natural ambience in the background.

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Picture yourself lying on a beach. The waves gently sweep across the sand. Relax and close your eyes. Let the sounds of the waves pull away your anxiety. Focus on the sound of the night ocean. Your heart rate slows. Everything is calm and serene.

LISTEN TO OUR SOUNDSCAPE ALBUM: I made this soundscape:A lot of times when I’m creating a soundscape for sleep I tend to mix in a sound similar to white noise. The constant nature of a waterfall can be pleasing to go to sleep to. This soundscape goes in the opposite direction. I strip out all the wind and seagulls to just have the ever changing sound of calm ocean waves.I hope by listening to it you find happiness and calmness.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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