The METRO Podcast

The METRO Podcast

The Metropolitan New York Association for Applied Psychology (METRO)

The METRO Podcast features interviews with researchers and practitioners in the field of Applied Psychology who are members of The Metropolitan New York Association for Applied Psychology (METRO). METRO was founded in 1939 as a not-for-profit professional association and is the oldest and largest local professional association of applied psychologists in the United States. The podcast highlights the careers and accomplishments of members of the METRO community and shines a light on the wide range of career opportunities in the field of Applied Psychology.

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This episode features METRO's current Secretary, Dr. Lily Blocker. Dr. Lily Blocker is a tenured Associate Professor of Management at Stony Brook University and the director of the Leadership and Creativity Research Lab. She also serves as the Co-Director of the MBA Program in the College of Business. Her research in leadership, innovation, and conflict apply science-based approaches to practical organizational problems. Her work focuses on the process by which leaders overcome failures and the dynamics of innovative teams. Her primary research examines the consequences of leader mistakes and mistake recovery on leader-follower relationships. Her innovation research includes constructs such as team member influence, team climate, and malevolence. We discuss her journey into academia, her thoughts on the current and future states of I/O Psychology, her career as a photographer, and her path to joining the METRO board.

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