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Mystery Plays Mixtape (Stefan Panczak)

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Philippe Petit plays Guitar-Heroic Documenting the contemporary ways of playing guitar in opposition to the old-fashioned myth of guitar-heroes… pre-paired, detuned, melancholic, panoramic, free-pickin, feedbacking, droning, beautiful a la Fennesz, GYBE!, Fonica, Myrah, Twine, Grubbs, David Sylvian, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Do Make Say Think, Mike Cooper, Slint, Talk Talk … etc…mixed into drones, various clicks & electro-acoustic or field recordings forming a tapestry of sound, running up to 6 different sources altogether to create a deep sound assemblage.

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  • 14 - Mystery Plays Mixtape #14: Philippe Petit plays Guitar-Heroic 
    Sun, 11 Nov 2012
  • 13 - Mystery Plays Mixtape #13: Inch-time - Lucky 13 
    Wed, 2 May 2012
  • 12 - Mystery Plays Mixtape #12: Inch-time - In The Jungle 
    Mon, 30 Jan 2012
  • 11 - Mystery Plays Mixtape #11: Inch-time - Autumn Mix 
    Sat, 19 Nov 2011
  • 10 - Mystery Plays Mixtape #10: Shoeb Ahmad - Body Suites For Ismail Zakaria 
    Sun, 18 Sep 2011
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