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Learn Thai on the go with BananaThai podcasts by Kru Smuk where learning Thai is as easy as peeling a banana. www.bananathaischool.com

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It's been a while since the last episode. I hope that you're still eager to improve your Thai with BananaThai.

I am excited to announce the new podcast series "Pocket Thai" to help you immerse in Thai stories (99% in Thai).

👉🏽 Click to visit the Pocket Thai Podcasts

Learn Thai vs Pocket Thai podcasts?

I plan to host weekly episodes on both series with different objectives.

📒 Learn Thai Podcast is to help you improve your Thai with a variety of topics, levels, and skills.

📕 Pocket Thai Podcast focuses on one format to improve listening and reading comprehension through bite-sized stories.

🔔 So subscribe to both podcast series so you get benefits from both formats. I am looking forward to helping you improve your Thai in a simple and fun way.

Much love,

Kru Smuk, BananaThai

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