Blues is the Truth

Blues is the Truth

Ian McHugh

Blues is the Truth is a weekly 2 hour radio show, featuring some of the very best new Blues Music alongside some classic tracks that define the genre. Presented for a decade by Ian McHugh, frontman and guitarist with the band Blues is Truth and compere of the Ealing Blues Festival main stage, The show is informative, entertaining and sometimes a little different....

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Get ready for an exhilarating new episode of "Blues is the Truth," hosted by the passionate and knowledgeable Ian McHugh. This week's show is packed with stellar performances from a diverse lineup of blues artists, including Albert Castiglia, Conolly Hayes, Toronzo Cannon, SirJo Cocchi and Balta Bordoy, Big Joe Shelton, Benny Turner and Cash MacCall, Sean Webster Band, Paul Michael Band, Bobby Christina’s Caravan, Damon Fowler, Robert Cray, Sierra Green and the Giants, Reverend Freakchild, Alice Armstrong, Katie Knipp, Alabama Mike, Angela Easley, Sauce Boss, Neil Sadler, Chris Daniels and the Kings with Freddy Gaudi, Kelly’s Lot, Jim Keller, Lara Tauman, and Albert Collins. In addition to the fantastic music, you'll enjoy all your favorite regular features. Tune in for "Blues Driver," where Paul Michael shares a timeless blues track that's sure to get your heart racing. Don't miss "The Song Remains the Same," a segment dedicated to exploring different versions of classic blues songs, and "Title Track Tango," which delves into albums where the title track stands out. Join Ian McHugh as he weaves together listener requests and personal selections, ensuring a rich tapestry of blues brilliance. Whether you're a longtime blues aficionado or a new listener, this episode promises to captivate and inspire with its diverse lineup and heartfelt performances. Make sure to subscribe, review, and rate the show to keep the blues alive and thriving. Tune in for an unforgettable musical journey with "Blues is the Truth" and let the blues wash over you in all its raw, unfiltered glory. Don't miss out on the magic of this episode!

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