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Welcome to the VI Talk. AudioBoom Channel. Part of VI Talk charity number 1165629. VI Talk is aimed at anyone with a visual impairment, anyone who knows someone who is visually impaired or anyone who has connections with an organisation or group that offers services or support to visually impaired people. You can find us in the following places. Facebook, search VI Talk for our Group ( and Page (/ Twitter @VITalkPodcast ( Website Email Voicemail number 0161 298 8255Skype name is vitalkpodcast Our podcasts are available on our website or via iTunes by searching VI Talk. VI Talk is for anyone regardless of age, background or experience. There will be a chance for: -Communication;Questions to be asked and hopefully answers found;Friendships made;The exchange of ideas, information and support and perhaps along the way, we can help to bridge the gap between visually impaired people and their sighted counterparts. When you post to the channel, please put VI Talk at the beginning of your title, so when boos appear in someones feed they will know where it was posted. Please also use appropriate language, whilst the channel is not moderated, anything inappropriate will be removed. Any opinions or views expressed are that of the members or participants and not VI Talk. Thanks for joining us. We hope you will enjoy VI Talk.

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