Sleep Tight Stories - Bedtime Stories for Kids

Sleep Tight Stories - Bedtime Stories for Kids

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Sleep Tight Stories produces for you two calming bedtime stories every week. Stories that promote wonder, creativity and fire young listeners’ imagination while helping them drift off to sleep with ease. They are just the perfect length, are safe for kids of all ages, and feature originals and classics that never grow old. Our stories add a little happily-ever-after to your bedtime routine. Sleep tight! Submit your story ideas at

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This is the 10th episode of our Transfer Student series. Red is getting ready to go for the sleepover at Rachel’s but she is very tired. She has not been sleeping well because she is so worried about what the Solving a Mystery Club might find when they solve this mystery. At Rachel’s house they eat pizza and talk about their plan to catch the strange lights. Once they are in place to get started nothing is happening but then Charlie sees something and they capture it. Can it be the thing that Red is worried about? Advertising Inquiries:

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