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Everything 90s Podcast

Everything 90s Podcast is a show dedicated to folks who grew up in the 1990s. In each episode Shaleena (creator and host) takes listeners on a nostalgic trip down 90's memory lane as she reminisces about the highs of that decade. Episode topics include tv shows, music, movies, personal stories, and more! Discover more at https://www.podpage.com/everything-90s-podcast/

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In Episode 88 of the Everything 90s podcast, Shaleena and Lexx discuss the Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin for Part 2 of the Disney Renaissance Episode Series. They share fun facts about the films and discuss their childhood memories associated with them, including owning Beauty and the Beast toys from McDonald's and the sing-along songs VHS tapes. The conversation is filled with nostalgia, humor, and a deep appreciation for the Disney Renaissance era.

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