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Why do Humans Create? Exploring what makes people take the path less travelled is an anomaly. What makes humans push themselves creatively? What drives inspiration? Is it an intense desire to bring our imaginations and realities into focus? ... Or is it a primal desire that needs to be fulfilled in order to define our existence. Thoughts become things and ideas become products. Join us as we probe the trials, errors, successes and failures on the creators path to perfection and to the edge of uncertainty. Welcome to Music Film Design

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Based in the Northeastern Wisconsin area, actor/voiceover artist, Freddy Moyano, owes his artistic name, Freddy, to Wes Craven's Freddy Krueger, one of his favorite motion picture characters while growing up in Spain (1980s-1990s). He defines himself as a character artist. After having enough of working for private corporations (strong litigation/law enforcement background: 2002-2015) in the Midwest over the course of 14 years, Freddy founded his own production company, Moyano Lingua and began acting and doing voiceover work , now contributing with VO in movies and his over 30 audio books on and itunes have his narration label, namely bestselling audio productions Sins of the Son and Dark Visions. His acting career started in 2016 after a collaboration with Sergio Bruna in Los Angeles (Imparable tour). As of 2017, he acquired more experience on sets with many background and stand-in opportunities (Empire, Easy, The Chi, Rampage, Electric Dreams...) in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois/Chicago area, as well as a strong formation in advanced acting and stage combat. Freddy slowly progressed into speaking roles (modern western short, Milkshake or Apocalypture) and lead re-enactment roles (Killer Couples). Overseas, his work in Aqua Brava as a producer and lead actor has been recognized in various film festivals. Freddy is also a gifted linguist, editor and script writer. He often writes for Green Bay's "Press Times" (wildlife writer) and is a film critic and freelance correspondent for the Green Bay City Pages. Freddy loves contributing to various filmmaking processes with his consulting and expertise under Over 40 motion picture productions (wildlife-focused most of them) have his seal under A Best Cinematography winner (Virgin Spring Cinefest - August 2020) and Best Nature Film winner (A Bay to Cherish - Oniros Film Awards Summer 2020) among others, Freddy has also collected Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze distinctions in Voice Over and Sound editing, in total 60+ wins and 30+ nominations. Freddy is also the founder and director (and celebrated Gala emcee) of the MLC Awards (an IMDb event since 2019 operating under with two annual galas in Green Bay, Wisconsin and a qualifier event in Little Rock Arkansas. Actors such as Steven Weber, Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos) or Barry Corbin (No Country for Old Men) have been recognized in this international filmmaking event, which became the first ever film festival in screening a portion of an audiobook at their September 13, 2020 MLC Summer Gala. Thanks to insightful promo work and genuine appreciation for filmmakers, Freddy and his team of judges, have placed the MLCs among the top 5 most respected Midwest-based film festivals. As of 2022, Green Bay-native Tony Shalhoub has joined the MLC Awards judging team for the Best Screenplay category. 1Perhaps one of the most solid areas of Freddy's talent is wildlife videography, research and storytelling. Years of work can be found on RNV TV ( His research of mallards diving to collect zebra mussels from the depths of the Fox River was featured internationally on various internet sites. Freddy's wildlife videos have been featured 3 times in USA Today's Outdoor section. Freddy posts weekly wildlife content on

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