Lingokids: Stories for Kids —Learn life lessons and laugh!

Lingokids: Stories for Kids —Learn life lessons and laugh!


Tune into our award-winning podcast, Lingokids: Stories for Kids. Discover rich storytelling combined with traditional learning and modern skills for kids.

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Do you think it's okay to feel jealous? In this episode of Stories for Kids, Lisa, Elliot, Cowy and Billy are about to encounter the jealousy bug and embark on a quest to find answers to how to manage jealousy. Join to learn how to deal with those moments when others have things we really want.
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The first part of the new mini-series will be available on the 7th of October. 
All the subscribers of Lingokids Plus on Apple Podcasts early access to all new episodes. For them the 1st part of the mini-series will be available on the 30th of September. 

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