Israel Hour Radio - Israeli Music Podcast

Israel Hour Radio - Israeli Music Podcast

Josh Shron

Want to create a stronger connection with the land of Israel? Israeli music will bring you closer to Israel than ever before. For more than 25 years, Josh Shron's Israel Hour Radio has presented the very best in Israeli music - with news, discussion and FUN in English! Tune in each week for a front row seat to the latest in Israeli culture, and connect with others who share your passion for Israel!

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Ever since Operation Swords of Iron began, the situation has pulled our hearts and emotions in a gazillion different directions. On one hand, we're mourning the massive loss of life on October 7, and are worried sick about our hostages. On the other hand, we are bursting with pride for the brave IDF soldiers fighting for our freedom. Many Israelis are finding their spiritual voices, some for the very first time. Add the euphoria of some of the hostages coming home, and you suddenly find your heart being pulled down every possible pathway. Israeli music continues to latch onto each of these emotions, with songs that are spiritual, mournful, optimistic, proud, and just about everything in between. We continue to connect you to the vibe of today's Israel - as complicated as it may be. (Original Air Date: November 26, 2023) Full playlist at Love the show? Support us by becoming a member of Join the Israeli Music Community on Facebook!

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