The Standup Podcast

The Standup Podcast

Eric Nusbaum, Hernande Silva

Welcome to The Standup Podcast! A weekly, 15-Minute show about Agile & Scrum brought to you by two guys from different backgrounds in Software Development. Hernande Silva is an Agile Coach with over 15 years of experience helping organizations and teams navigate the waters of the various Agile frameworks. Eric Nusbaum is an executive with over 20 years of hands-on experience in software development and converting organizations to Scrum. Together they'll bring you various topics important to the Agile community such as Team Dynamics, Organizational Culture, Emotional Intelligence, and discussions around the artifacts as well as ceremonies in Agile.

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Agile as a framework is focused beyond just the team, but the system as a whole. Your system might be on a more macro level as your department, or even your entire company. In this weeks episode of The Standup Podcast we discuss the concept of Systems Thinking and how Agile Coaches can pull their mindset to the macro level to look at their Agility at the Systems level.

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