The Future of X

The Future of X


The new and the next is in OZY's DNA. In our newest podcast, The Future of X, OZY fast-forwards 50 years to explore the industries and domains that will shape our world, and some of the dreamers doing the shaping. In our first season, we explored healthcare in 2069. Next up? The future of the workplace.

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There is a profound shift facing business leaders worldwide, reflecting the importance of social capital in shaping an organization's purpose, guiding its relationships with stakeholders and influencing its ultimate success or failure. As our work evolves through automation, it will become something less that has to be done (so it can be ticked off a to-do list) and more something we feel driven to do — an intrinsic drive to better ourselves, our community and our world. Special Guest: Adam Grant

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  • 12 - The Future of Work/Life Balance: From Careers to Experiences 
    Mon, 16 Dec 2019 - 0h
  • 11 - The Future of Networking: Google Maps, But For Your Career 
    Mon, 09 Dec 2019 - 0h
  • 10 - The Future of Collaboration: From Head-Hunting to Team-Hunting 
    Mon, 02 Dec 2019 - 0h
  • 9 - The Future of Gamification: Your Product Just Launched. That’s 100 Points. 
    Mon, 25 Nov 2019 - 0h
  • 8 - The Future of Creativity: How A.I. Will Free Our Minds 
    Mon, 18 Nov 2019 - 0h
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