Sleep Meditation Podcast: The Podcast That Helps You Sleep 😴Nature Sounds & ASMR Sleep Triggers

Sleep Meditation Podcast: The Podcast That Helps You Sleep 😴Nature Sounds & ASMR Sleep Triggers

ASMR Sleep Triggers

The Top 10 Go-To Podcast for Sleep. Can't sleep? Get relaxed with nature sounds to help you sleep. Try our new sleep app (iOS) called Slow. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so do it well. Sweet Dreams 😴

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Get started with Slow here:
Need longer sleep meditations?

📲 What is Slow?
Slow is a premium sleep app designed to improve your sleep with relaxing soundscapes tailor-made to help your managing insomnia, stress, and anxiety before bedtime. You can use Slow daily as your guide to sleep and stress relief.

Download Slow and start a free trial.

Experience benefits like:
😴 Good quality sleep, daily.
☀️Wake up relaxed and with more energy.
📈Improve your overall health with good sleep.
🙏 Become more focused, mindful, and stress less.

Start your mindful journey and explore:  
🏖️ A vacation for your mind.
Hear the heat of the desert, the cold wind of the mountains, or the crashing waves of a Hawaiian beach. No matter what you’re into, we got you covered.

🎧 Personalized sound mixing.
We know how important personalization is to you, and the way you listen. Create the space around you into a jungle, a Hawaiian beach, a calming forest river, or any other sound location you want. Easily adjust any mix and set volumes that suit your needs and make it your own.

Is the sound of crashing waves a bit too loud? No worries, easily adjust any mix to your taste.

🌊 Deep dive into a world of audio.
Sonically escape into more than a hundred extraordinary audio experiences recorded from all corners of the globe. Get access to all the sounds you need to sleep, relax, and unwind.

Listen to hundreds of professionally curated soundscapes, including thousand of unique sounds.

Key Sleep App Features:

🎧 Personalized sound mixing.
🧘 Guided meditations and sleep stories.
💆 Hundreds of soundscapes tailor-made help you sleep and relax.
⏰ Set a sleep timer to help you prioritize sleep.
💚 Save your personalized mix as a favorite.
🔁 Listen forever or set a fade-out time.
🎯 New mixes added every month.

Sound & Categories Included: Click the links to open Slow:

😴 Sleep Sounds
🕉️ Sleep Stories
Rain Sounds  
🌊 Ocean Sounds
⛰️ Nature Sounds
🏞️ Waterfall Sounds  
🎧  Binaural Beats
☯️ Guided Meditations
🧘 Body Scan Meditations
💆 Gratitude Meditations
☮️ Stress Relief Meditations
🟣 Yoga & Meditation Sounds
🦻 Tinnitus Masking Sounds
🌎 World Ambience
🏞️ Forest Sounds
🕊️ Bird sounds
🌆 City Sounds
🚗 Car Sounds
🔌 Hum & Buzz Sounds

- Study Sounds - Fan Sounds - White Noise - Brown Noise - Pink Noise - ASMR Sleep Triggers

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