James Cameron's Titanic: Scene by Scene

James Cameron's Titanic: Scene by Scene

Brittany Butler & Ethan Brehm

Ever wonder what makes James Cameron's 1997 Hollywood epic "Titanic" one of the most commercially and critically successful films of all time? Titanic superfan Brittany Butler and movie buff Ethan Brehm are here to take a deeper look into what makes this movie work so well by analyzing it... Scene by scene.

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To cover November, here's a massive jumbo-sized special episode! We chat with photographer Liz Osban, Brittany's friend of 8 years who is also equally Titanic obsessed. This episode clocks in at juuuust under 2 hours, making it the length of an average episode TIMES 4! So sit back, relax and listen to this (mostly) uncut conversation about Liz's Titanic origin story, a deep breakdown of the First Class Dinner scene, what "making it count" means to us and MORE! 

Have any thoughts on a specific scene? Let us know! EMAIL: titanicscenebyscene@gmail.com


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