dj Teresa - Ibiza Beach - International House Music Podcast

dj Teresa - Ibiza Beach - International House Music Podcast

dj Teresa

Focusing on Tech House and highly influenced by the Ballearic Sounds of Ibiza, Teresa delivers a range of House that sounds funky, Latin, minimal, underground and even sometimes hard driving as she moves fluidly from style to style to capture and keep a dancefloor. After completing three tours in Spain in less than 18 months, Teresa has developed a distinct sound that brings the heart of Ibiza to every performance. Teresa has played at five different venues in Ibiza which includes The Orange Corner, Eden Rooms, Viva, Godfathers and the world-renowned Club Es Paradis; and at the Urania Disco in Montijo Spain on the mainland. Visit to learn more or pick up one of her latest releases on beatport, iTunes, Amazon and over 200 other online retailers.

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From Tech to Techno, the Good Day EP by Kriss Dek EP is a must have in the catalog to create a happy vibe with a vocal hook that will stick with you for days. Learn more about Kriss Dek:, Joe Bond:, dj Rigi:, Roja Records:

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